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Rachel Perciphone is an illustrator who portrays strong, diverse characters within fantastical and colorful worlds.  She draws inspiration and symbolism from mythology, music, comics, fantasy and sci-fi. Throughout her work, she explores themes of empowerment, nature existing with the supernatural, and body positivity. Most of her pieces begin as pencil and ink drawings while the final painting is usually completed digitally.  She graduated from Moore College of Art & Design in 2014 and continues her dedication to growth as an artist through mentorships, participation in gallery shows and conventions, freelance work, and most importantly, daily practice.  She continues to push her creative boundaries to create a portfolio with a specific point of view that promotes confidence and showcases the idea that beauty and inner strength is both multifaceted and plentiful.


Rachel has won a number of awards and exhibited in various shows, including being selected as one of the artists featured in the Society of Illustrators’ Student Exhibition in 2014, an honorary mention at the Phillustration Show in 2017, and most recently selected to be featured in Infected By Art Volume 6 in 2018.




Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my work.

I am available for personal commission and professional freelance work.


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